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Electronic assistant: hello! this is the electronic assistant of the travel and tourism club. we are a new tourist centre

Electronic assistant: Hello! This is the electronic assistant of the Travel and Tourism Club. We are a new tourist centre and we would like to offer special destinations for teenagers. Please take part in our survey and answer six questions. The survey is anonymous, so you shouldn’t give your name. Let’s get started.

Electronic assistant: How often do you travel, if ever?

Student: (pause 40 seconds) Usually I travel once a year during my summer holidays. For me it is extremely rare but we live on shoestring that is why we have to save up for the trip all the year round . The thing that I like most of all about travelling is the opportunity to broaden your mind, build strong rapport with the representatives of other cultures and to try world famous cuisine.

Electronic assistant: What tourist destinations are most popular with teenagers nowadays?

Student: (pause 40 seconds) To my mind the most popular tourist destination is Southern countries such as Spain and Italy. Because the scientists are convinced that the climat shift towards cold temperatures is inevitable. What is more, nowadays for Russian citizens the process of getting visa in these countries has been simplified.

Electronic assistant: What kind of holiday do you prefer?

Student: (pause 40 seconds) I can say without doubts that I am not a coach potato thus I would go for the holidays which are full of adventures. Mountaneering, scubadiving, paragliding and safari riding are my first choice.

Electronic assistant: With whom do you prefer to travel or to spend your holidays, with your family or with your friends? Explain why.

Student: (pause 40 seconds)Obviously I prefer to travel with my friends because it gives you the sense of freedom, but last summer I stayed in Spain with my parents. It was also a pleasant experience because they payed for everything, but the thing that I hated most of all was the fact that they made me to take photos everytime.

Electronic assistant: What tourist destinations would you recommend foreign tourists to visit in your country?

Student: (pause 40 seconds) To my mind, you can’t say thay you’ve been to Russia if you don’t visit the Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow. The Hermitage in Saint Petersburfg also seems to be good. However, Mariinsky Theatre is a must for every tourist to my mind mainly because Russian ballet is considered to be the best in the world.

Electronic assistant: What is the best way of travelling around your country? Why?

Student: (pause 40 seconds) I am sure that the best way to travel in Russia is the train. It is both cheap and fast. What is more, travelling by trainmight be very convinient, relaxing and romantic.

Electronic assistant: This is the end of the survey. Thank you very much for your time.

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A French swimmer will try to become the first person to swim across the Pacific Ocean. Ben Lecomte, 51, set off from Japan on Tuesday on his superhuman task of crossing the ocean. It will take him more than six months to complete the 9,000-km swim. He will have to swim for eight hours a day to reach his target on the west coast of the USA. He will also have to face many dangers. There will be sharks, jellyfish, storms, rough seas, and very low water temperatures. He will also have to fight exhaustion and any injuries he picks up along the way. However, Mr Lecomte said: «The mental part is much more important than the physical. You have to make sure you always think about something positive.»

Lecomte has been training for six years to take up this challenge. He has practised every day during that time by swimming in the sea. This is to make sure he is in top physical condition. He has also been training his mind. It will be a very lonely swim and he needs to be mentally tough. Lecomte said he is doing the swim to raise awareness of climate change, the effects of plastic rubbish in the ocean, and the effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on the ocean. Scientists will also study his body to monitor how extreme exercise affects the heart. In 1998, Lecomte made the first solo trans-Atlantic swim. It took him 73 days to cover the 6,400km. When he reached dry land, his first words were, «never again».

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