A mysterious visitor егэ

About this game a mysterious visitor makes her appearance...... but what is the enigmatic threat lurking in the shadows?join rose,

About This Game

A mysterious visitor makes her appearance…

… but what is the enigmatic threat lurking in the shadows?

Join Rose, Kyo, Tessa and Michelle in the second episode of Time Tenshi Paradox, an episodic visual novel series from Silver Cow Studio!

Thanks to your grandfather’s secret invention, a machine known as the Time Window, mankind’s grandest dream — to travel through time — is now a reality! But only a select few have the power to visit centuries past… and as Kenji Johnson, you’ll explore the amazing world of time travel with the group of girls known as the Time Tenshi!

Each episode of Time Tenshi Paradox features a compelling short story, with several choices to make along the way, including a major decision that unlocks an alternate route! There are also six illustrations to discover!

If each episode is popular, then we plan to release additional episodes on a regular basis!

The Time Tenshi series is already famous for its engaging plot and exciting story, and at Silver Cow Studio we work really hard to bring you a high quality production! We’re confident you’ll enjoy this brand new episode of Time Tenshi Paradox!

Who is the mysterious newcomer and what are her intentions?

Are the Time Tenshi really the only ones with the power to travel through history?

And are the menacing, hostile portals truly unstoppable?

— — —

Time Tenshi Paradox: Episode 2 ©2018 Silver Cow Studio. All rights reserved.

Whenever anyone asks 13-year-old Kayla Green about her family, she creates elaborate stories. Other than temporary foster families and group homes, she’s never had a family who was committed to keeping her and loving her forever. But when a mysterious visitor arrives to meet her, Kayla can hope, for the first time in her life, that she won’t have to make up stories anymore. (30 Pages / Ages 10+)

A mysterious visitor егэ

«A Mysterious Visitor» is a quest in ArcheAge

You obtain it from Pan who is standing near Prophet Terrien in [ArcheAge: Desireen|Desireen]]



Quest Giver[edit]


Quest Info/Dialog[edit]


On my way home from the fields, I ran into a girl named Marian in southern Bluemist Forest. She said she was looking for young Nuians that «shine like gold,» and I mentioned you. Maybe you should go speak to her?

(player) Finally, someone that knows about the light! Thank you, Pan. I’ll go speak to her right away!

So, the golden mark… Ahem! I’m sorry, good people. I must leave you now on holy business. Prosperity to you all… and especially you. I think that you and I shall meet again.

Quest Objectives[edit]

  • Report to Marian

Quest Level[edit]

Level 4

Base Rewards[edit]

XP 620

Coins 65



End NPC[edit]

Разнообразие брендов, сортировка по цене по убыванию, выбор доставки, которые вы отыщите в каталоге позволят вам заказать неотразимый предмет. Поглядите в каталоге шанс купить Agatha Christie The Mysterious Affair At Styles подобрав из шикарного набора вещей, как: по популярной стоимости одна тысяча девятнадцать от Anuman Interactive. Побывайте в обширный вселенной шоппинга. Заказать предмет у вас имеется шанс в москве, возможно в томске, нижнем новгороде, ростове на дону, санкт-петербурге и т.п.